Do Montessori schools in Tokyo support social-emotional skills?

Every child is born with an abundance of creativity. All it takes is the perfect platform and environment to ignite this creativity. Because children’s imaginations are naturally vivid and their creative energy levels are extraordinarily high, it’s only a matter of time before they unleash it once we equip them with the appropriate tools and support. Emotional, self-awareness, physical, and social growth are all aided by creative expression. Singing, sketching, dancing, and other creative hobbies satisfy a child’s emotional needs while also instilling confidence and excitement. 

Children’s creativity can be encouraged in international schools in Tokyo in the following ways: 


Music is an important aspect of every child’s development. They sing along with rhymes, poems, and children’s songs as they grow up, enacting the words they hear. One of the healthiest methods to convey the concept of music to young children is for parents to sing to their children. Parents can also play musical games with their children where they learn to move and shake by following a set of simple rules. These games are excellent for boosting children’s creativity, concentration, and attention span. 


Painting is self-expression in its purest form. It takes time and effort to master. Children have their distinct impressions of the world around them, and it is critical to provide them with the opportunity to practice this skill in a nonjudgmental setting. Painting is an amazing way for kids to express themselves, use their memory, experiment with new colors, and put their thoughts on paper. Parents can teach their children how to mix paints, use the proper brushes, and dry their sheets once they’re finished. 


Story-telling is another excellent way of expression for children since it aids in the sequencing of their thoughts and the development of their pronunciation skills. To strengthen their communication and vocabulary skills, children should be encouraged to narrate stories of their choosing. Parents should also participate actively in narrating stories to their children. This allows the child’s listening and imaginative skills to improve.


Preschool children need to read a lot to build their literacy and cognitive thinking skills. To foster a good reading habit, all children should be given age-appropriate books and comics. Reading can also help children enhance their academic skills more quickly and facilitate the transfer to higher classes. They also acquire morals and ethics from various stories, which aids in the development of a child’s consciousness, ethics, and social skills. 

These are some habits you can instill in your child during their early years. Montessori schools in Tokyo believe that each child has a special gift. Parents and instructors should play an active role, by providing children with the tools and spaces they need to express their creativity. 

Some of Tokyo’s greatest international schools like Global Indian International School recognize the importance of all-round development in children and place a strong emphasis on adapting to new teaching methods that are child-centered. Creativity is an important developmental requirement, and parents make time to participate in these activities with their children.