Designer Jewelry Trends: What To Wear In Spring And Summer

Fashion trends concern not only clothes and shoes but also jewellery. And accessories are what add completeness to the image and emphasize the style can make a casual or evening look spectacular, memorable, or, on the contrary, tasteless. That’s why it is important to choose popular jewellery wisely. 

In 2021, designers present us with a collection of designer jewellery of completely different styles. Accessories in a minimalistic style will be fashionable and vice versa, catchy, bright in the style of boho or ethno. The main rule in choosing is to adhere to an individual style. Harmony in the image is above all. Three simple rules will help you understand how to choose the right set of  designer jewelry:

  1. There shouldn’t be a lot of massive decorations. The ideal is choosing combinations of one, maximum of two accessories of large design. If it seems a little, you can complement the image with weightless jewellery.
  2. Combine your clothing and accessories harmoniously. Bright things are discreet for them, and vice versa, complement the monochrome bow with a catchy accent in the form of earrings, a necklace or a bracelet.
  3. The combination of colors. Combine warm shades with yellow metal and vice versa.

Last year’s trend for metal products is gradually disappearing, and the fashion for delicate stones and pearls is replacing. A feature of products with pearls in 2021 is an asymmetrical, non-standard pearl shape. 

For the summer season, designers are advised to look for an accessory with a shell. The color and size are not important – the emphasis is on the sink, which is used to decorate the bracelet or earrings. The trend remains:

  • Layering, two or three ornaments, similar in style, are worn over clothing. Several thin chains of different lengths with pendants or wrist bracelets with stones, massive chains, thin gold chains with pearl inserts will be relevant;
  • Ethno and boho style, at first glance, resembles the hippie style. Boho style – hard bracelets, leather and gold weaves, pendants with stones. Ethno style – massive with ethnic patterns and weaves, rings with stones of irregular shapes.
  • Geometry is the trend of 2021. Designers suggest introducing restrained and laconic or regular geometric shapes into the image. For example, rings and bracelets in the form of triangles, chains with pendants in the form of an arrow, a rhombus, a circle.

Topical on the Neck

Chains, pendants, and necklaces – accentuate the neckline and add variety to every day and evening wear. Massive or elegant, thin or large, in the form of a necklace or independent pendants, are the must-haves of the current year. Laconic chains with pendants are considered the most relevant version of this year. Fashion critics advise combining double necklaces of different lengths and diameters with beads or pearl threads.

Double necklace chains with large links are a fashion trend that will find its admirers. It isn’t easy to combine such an accessory with clothes, and you need to have excellent taste in order to fit the decoration into your bow harmoniously.

At Eklexic, you can shop for a good luck necklace with transparent gemstones as an evening option for independent jewellery. A more affordable option is to replace diamonds with cubic zirconia or Swarovski crystals.

Set aside wide chokers that young girls loved in 2020. Chokers were replaced by thin ribbons or strings, which are fixed on the neck with a bow.

In 2021, there are no clear rules in the selection of neck jewellery, create your mix of styles. In one ensemble, you can mix made of gold, silver, and costume jewellery.