Counter Strike 1.6 The best tips for your config

With our tips you can optimize your Counter Strike 1.6 config and be ready for the most heated battles. We explain step by step which tweaks are necessary.

The way to happiness – here you can find the CS 1.6 config file.

Before you can start tweaks, you need to find the config file in Steam’s folder directory. We’ll show you where to look also find cs 1.6 download here.

Open Windows Explorer and double-click on the hard drive where Steam is installed.

Under “Programs” (on 64-bit systems, the folder is called “Programs (x86)”), select the “Steam” folder and go on to “SteamApps” and “common”. You can read more about this in our practical tip: Steam: Where are my installed games?

Counter Strike was originally a Half-Life mod and can therefore be found in the directory of the same name.

In the folder “cstrike” you will find the file you are looking for, which you open with the editor. To do this, right-click on the file, select “Open with” and then select the editor.

Counter Strike: The five most important config tweaks

With the so-called “Netsettings” you optimize the settings to your personal DSL connection. However, you can safely use the following values for all speeds from DSL 6000. Search in the config file for the values listed below. If they are not yet entered, simply add them as the penultimate (!) item.

Search or add the values “rate” and “cl_rate” if necessary. To use the maximum bandwidth of the servers, add the number “25000” to both values.

Proceed in the same way with the “cl_updaterate” value. This item determines the maximum packets to be received from the server at the same time. The higher this value is, the better. Here it depends on your DSL connection. Because if you want to receive too many packets at the same time on a slow connection, data loss will occur. For modern lines with DSL 6000 and higher, enter the maximum value “101”. If you surf with DSL 2000 or 3000, for example, you should choose a value between 60 and 80.

“Cl_cmdbackup” defines how often one and the same packet should be sent to the server. From DSL 6000, enter a zero here. But if you want to be on the safe side, use the value “3”. In this way, you avoid, for example, that fired shots may not arrive at the server.

If you enter a server, you often have to download new maps and sounds first. To avoid long waiting times, add a “0” to the value “cl_dlmax”. This overrides the speed limit and sucks the data with fullspeed from the server.

The value “net_graph” “3” shows you a small graphic in the game with info about your connection. Keep a close eye on the values “Choke” and “Loss”. Ideally, both should remain at “zero”. If you notice permanently high numbers, lower the value “cl_updaterate” in small steps and raise the item “cl_cmdbackup” a bit.

Counter strike 1 6 the best tips for your config

Finally, save your changes and check the write-protect box by right-clicking on the file and clicking on “Properties”. Otherwise, the game may throw a wrench in your plans and overwrite your information again. All tips are guidelines that you can change as you wish. You will feel the changes immediately – try it out!

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