Best Offline Games For Android And IOS

Don’t call yourself a true gamer if you haven’t tried playing the best offline games below and for best free games for pc! Fun and make geregetan!

In this world, everyone must have felt bored, especially in this quarantine period like now.

We are obliged not to leave the house and minimize outdoor activities, even though sometimes it is urgent.

As a result, many people are stuck at home with nothing but their gadgets.

If you have this, playing games is one of the boredom-repellent activities that are worth trying.

No need to be confused about choosing, here you can find a list of the best offline games of 2021 on Android and IOS.

Moreover, this series of games can be played without a connection to the internet, lo!

Best Android Games List

  1. Minecraft


When it comes to the best offline games, Minecraft is the champion!

Not only entertaining, but this game can also hone the side of creativity.

We will learn to build houses, hunt monsters, raise livestock and grow crops!

  1. Iron Blade: Legends


The next connectionless mobile game is Iron Blade: Legends.

This game is a must-play for gamers who idolize visualization and high-class graphics.

Iron Blade can be played online or offline.

  1. Minion Rush


The next best offline game can be played by all ages!

This game has been downloaded by billions of Android users.

This makes Minion Rush one of the favourite games of 2021.

This best Android game has a size of only 76 MB, enough for all types of phones.

  1. Oceanhorn


Solve the puzzle of the game’s main character’s father disappearance and complete the thrilling missions here!

Oceanhorn games offer 2D graphics that are pleasing to the eye with contrasting and vivid colours.

The game has already been downloaded by millions of Android users, proving its worth on this list!

  1. Death Race


The next best Android game is Death Race.

The graphics of this game are really good,  not inferior to Need For Speed.

You can choose various types of cars for racing, from Mustang to Rubicon! At the same time, do checkout the overlord season 4.

  1. Hitman Sniper


For those of you who like to play  Counter-Strike but don’t have an internet connection, just try playing Hitman Sniper!

You will play as a paid agent who carries out secret missions that are fun and thrilling.

This best game is free and you can directly upload it to your Android phone or laptop!

  1. Xenowerk


Still discussing the best Android games, Xenowerk deserves to be on this list because the visuals are not boring.

The concept of the game is also challenging!

The Xenowerk game has many characters that players can choose from.

This game allows us to choose another character when the mission is complete.

If you like Mortal Combat,  this game is for you!

  1. Icey


Icey is the best Android offline game that presents a challenge called hack and slash.

Each level you pass will be filled with different obstacles and challenges.

Game Icey also has a good narrative and is not boring.

You are guaranteed to be difficult to escape from this game if you are focused!

For those of you who are curious, you can download Icey via the Steam application.