Baby Shower Necessities: Gifts Every Mother Will Thank You For

Shopping for a baby is one of the most stressful moments of pregnancy. Mothers are shopping for a human being who requires a whole different set of things (in much smaller sizes). In such a situation, mothers tend to forget certain things until they need them. New mothers are often clueless about where to start shopping and what products are worth it. 

Here’s an unspoken wishlist from every mother-to-be on the best baby shower gifts you can get for them.

A stroller

One of the pricier investments is one thing you will see parents use through multiple kids. A stroller worth investing in is the Wonderfold stroller wagon. Whether you’re gifting it to first-time parents or masters at the game, these strollers come in a range of models. Some models have multiple seats for other young kids, like the Wonderfold wagon (2 seater). Indeed a very worthwhile investment!

Diaper bag 

Babies come with much more luggage than their size would suggest. Having everything in one place is a mother’s dream. A durable diaper bag will help mom carry all the baby’s essentials on the go. Bags with different compartments for things will help her find what is needed at the right time. Bonus points if it’s disguised as a chic oversized bag rather than a diaper bag. 

Baby carrier

Mothers have a thousand things to do, but of course, the baby wants constant attention. So help mom go hands-free by giving her a baby carrier. The carriers are designed to take the strain off your back and equalise the pressure from the baby’s weight. It is much healthier for that post-baby body and will prevent backaches.

Infant seat

Some babies grow so used to being around humans; they become fussy when the parents have other things to tend to. Infant seats mimic the movements of a person, so the baby feels like someone is around. Advanced kinds even have sound machines to calm the baby and keep them asleep. However, mom’s arms do need that extra rest.

Baby toiletries 

Parents receive hundreds of fancy baby bath kits. However, what they need are things like snotsuckers, baby-sized nail clippers and gas passers. Sure, they might not be the most glamorous gifts, but they’re convenient. Online stores have ready-made bundles, but if you can’t find exactly what you need, buying each one individually and wrapping it together is also an option.


Newborn babies are constantly huddled up, whether it’s in mom’s arms or their baby cots. Swaddles help many babies sleep better since they have the sensation of still being in the womb. Moreover, a relaxed baby can only mean a relaxed mother. They’re pretty cheap, so they’re not as much of a burden on your wallet either.


This one is especially for those working mothers. A breast pump is used to extract and store breastmilk for babies while their mothers are unavailable to feed. If mommy-to-be is a working lady, this is the best gift for her. A well-fed baby is a happy baby.

Pampering kit

The star of the show is often the most ignored person in terms of gifts. Nobody pays attention to how much the pregnant body has changed except the belly. Expecting mothers are susceptible to smell, so chances are they’ve already gotten rid of all their scented products. Skin must remain hydrated to avoid discomfort from stretching. Many online stores have pampering bundles with things like belly cream, nipple cream, mildly scented fresheners, hand cream and much more. 

Maternity clothes

The most apparent change in a mother’s body during pregnancy is her belly, which is the most obvious to her. It’s almost as if her closet constantly reminds her she’s carrying 10 pounds of extra luggage since nothing seems to fit. Giving her some new fits that match her growing body will not only make her feel more comfortable in her body but allow her to embrace the little gift she is carrying. Maternity clothes are also very comfortable for postpartum bodies.

Baby clothes in larger sizes

The parents will receive a ton of baby clothes in infant size, but the truth is, the baby will outgrow these by the time they even get to try all of them on. So get that cute onesie that only came in the “3 months and older” size; it’ll come to good use!


Bellybands are elastic bands that go around the postpartum body’s belly. Most mothers don’t think of getting one at all, which allows you to gift them. Doctors recommend wearing these for a few weeks after the baby is born to allow the stretched muscles in the belly to heal properly. It’ll also help her fit into her favourite jeans once the baby is out. This gift will undoubtedly get you on her favourites list!

The bottom line

If you’re going to get the new parents in your life a gift for their bundle of joy, it better be something worth the price, like a wagon stroller. The right gift will make life much easier for parents. So go on and steal the opportunity to be the perfect baby Santa!