At Home Gel Manicure: Know How To Do It At Home

One thing that quarantine has taught me is performing the procedure of gel nails at home.  I was really frustrated with painting my nails every now and then. This was the time when I thought about getting the gels done. Like you no more have to step out of your house to get your nails done. Purchase a nail kit and get the perfect nails just in the comfort of your home. However, doing the procedure of gel nails on your own may seem difficult. But with a bit of practice and the right equipment, a professional nail procedure is completely achievable.

Before getting started with the procedure, there are some of the things you need to know about the gels. Mentioned below are them. Continue reading!

Steps to follow for at home manicure

  • Get the required tools: Before starting with the at home manicure, you need to make sure that you have all the required tools to get the gel nails procedure done right. Basically, you need cuticle tools, a filer, nail clippers, and surely some top quality gel polishes. Finding all the tools that are required for the gel nails process can be a bit daunting especially if you are doing it for the first time. Hence, it becomes important to first do some research about the best gel nail kits provider. Once you find a suitable one, you can purchase the kit and get started with the gel nails procedure.

  • Prep your nails: Whether you want traditional or gel nails, it is very important to prep your nails. First, take a cuticle pusher and push back your cuticles properly. After that, you need to trim your nails if needed. But remember not to cut extra, doing so will surely lead to bleeding, and in order to avoid it you should cut whatever is visible. After that, file the edges into the desired shape. Next comes a mandatory step which is to make sure that the nails are neat and clean. The gel will not stick on your nails if there is any dust or debris on the nails. That’s why make sure your nails are cleaned properly before you get started with the best at home manicure.

  • Polish and care: Now that you are done with the prep, you are all set to polish your nails. Know that it is vital to make use of a gel base coat. Only then you will get the desired results and your nails will also be sealed properly. Hence, it is recommended to polish your nails with a maximum of four to five layers of polish. Make sure you perform the procedure slowly. This way you will avoid smudging and flaky nails. Until and unless you are satisfied with the results, keep polishing your nails but slowly.
  • Post care: Once the top coat of the nail polish is set and sealed, wipe any residue with a dry cloth or alcohol. You now have flawless nails. See, it was that easy. Without going to a salon, you got the best gel nails done at the comfort of your home.

The Final Thoughts

We hope this piece of information has been useful to you. These are some of the steps you need to take when performing in home gel manicure. Follow all of them while performing the procedure at home. Gel manicure is durable and is easy to perform at home. Hence, with all the essential tools, you can perform the procedure at home all by yourself.