Amazing Havells Air Coolers for Ultimate Cooling On Finserv MARKETS

Air coolers are your perfect companions when you are feeling distressed with the scorching summer. To get fresh, cool air, you may choose eco-friendly and pocket-friendly air coolers. The reputed brand Havells has introduced different air coolers in the market.

With a tank capacity ranging from 24 to 70 L, The best Havells air cooler serves every consumer’s needs. The brilliant features and stylish designs will easily encourage you to upgrade your cooling unit. It is worth checking the best air cooler models from Havells.

Havells personal air coolers

A personal cooler needs no modifications during its installation. You need to fill the tank with water and connect the system to the power outlet. The evaporative technology used for the cooler helps in cooling the surrounding air. The inorganic and safe evaporative pad prevents bacterial infestation. Havells has released 2 series of personal air coolers.

Freddo coolers

The 60L to 70L air cooler indicates a large tank capacity. You do not need to refill the tank several times during its hours of operation. The Freddo air cooler series from Havells provides you with Breatheezee Technology.

Due to this special technology, the HavellsFreddo coolers work on the principle of a natural evaporative cooling mechanism. You can find the unbeatable cooling capacity of Freddo air coolers.

The dust filters are present on 3 different sides to prevent the dust from getting inside your cooler. The front-side louvers are collapsible. The honeycomb pads are capable of processing bacteria. The anti-deformation and anti-erosion pads are available with hydrophilic properties that promote dust absorption capacity.

Tuono coolers

While comparing Havells air cooler series, like Frostio and Tuono, you may not find any big difference. However, the slight difference is in the price rates of these popular air coolers. The air delivery rate is also different, and it is 1200 m³/h for the HavellsTuono series.

You can buy an 18L air cooler to use the system for a shorter period. The small and portable personal air cooler is easy to move with its multi-directional wheels. The earthing core-resistant air cooler ensures safety for users.

Havells Windows air coolers

Low noise, smooth air delivery, and easily cleanable designs are distinct features of Havells air cooler. You have no risk of thermal overload. Moreover, the speed setting options prove that Havells has designed its coolers for every consumer. You can find three different series of windows air coolers.

Brina coolers– You will enjoy dust-free cool indoor air with these air coolers. The dust filters are washable for easy maintenance. Moreover, there are water level indicators and a humidity controlling system. The wood wool cooling pads ensure effectiveness in the cooling process. Thus, HavellsBrina coolers are high-performance systems with portability and safety features.

Brina Plus– The manufacturer has paid special attention to the filtration system to prevent the access of dust and mites. To serve this purpose, it has included collapsible louvers. One of the unique features is the auto draining system. It is easy to drain water from the integrated tank.

There is no risk of spillage while collecting water in your bucket. The potential BrinaPlus Havells air cooler can deliver cool air at 2000 m³/h. Moreover, water flowing from cooling pads cools down the hot air. Furthermore, there is a special chamber, where you may put some ice cubes. 

Frosty– The stylish and elegant Frostio air coolers are one of the silent models with a tank capacity of about 45 L. Once you have filled the tank, you can use it for a longer time. The air delivery speed of Frostio coolers is 1500 m³/h. You can set the speed up to 3 levels, including low, medium, and high. The compatible inverter models ensure no interruption to the performance during the power cuts.

Havells desert air coolers

Designed with the latest technologies, these air coolers provide you with fresh and breathable air. The water tank with a cover, castors with breaks, and auto draining capacity are some noticeable features. Check out the available series of desert air coolers.

  • Celia– The aluminum blade fans, honeycomb pads, and strong air delivery have made Celia air coolers unique. Like other models, Celia coolers do not make much noise.
  • Koolaire-Koolaire is one of the best air cooler series with a large tank capacity, wool wood pads, and slide cooling pads.
  • Koolgrande– You can choose cool grande as the reliable window air conditioner with honeycomb pads and several other innovative features. 

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