5 Amazing Facts About Dubai You Must Know Before Visit

Looking for some amazing facts about Dubai? There is no doubt to say that this city of gold is perfect with all aspects in terms of traditions and habits. In these habits, travelling is the main element that comes one the number one.

By travelling, you can explore many amazing things about this city of gold. From fancy malls to lavish dining, magical landmarks to thrilling desert safari Dubai. These are the most famous things, where many international visitors visit and experience these must-do things and bring a lifetime memory to their beloved country.

This city of gold is also famous because of its Arabian Starbucks, and the experiences that many people shared on different social media platforms. Such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.

In these amazing facts, we have concluded local habits, unbelievable statistics, laws and have selected the most amazing ones in one article.

5 Amazing Facts About Dubai – City of Gold
1. Dubai Weekends Doesn’t Come on Saturday & Sunday:
As in the west, the weekend does not come on Saturday and Sunday. However, instead of them, it comes on Thursday and Friday. Like this rule is followed in most of the Muslim countries

To adapt to the rules and regulations of International Financial Markets, several Persian Gulf countries have recently changed the rule of the weekend.

2. There is the World Tallest Building in the City of Gold:
Yes, the golden city of the UAE is blessed with the tallest building in the world
“Burj Khalifa”. Along with the tallest building, there are the world largest fancy malls, the most expensive 7-star hotels, and man-made islands.

3. Number of Foreigners are more than Locals:
According to recent statistics, the population of foreigners in the UAE are more than the population of the locals. Which is over 88%, and the best part is that the population rate is way higher in the golden city of the UAE.

4. 20 Years Ago Dubai was a Desert:
If you check the development of the golden city of the UAE. But the fact is that the golden city of the UAE was desert for 20 years. The work of the development was started first by Sheikh Rashid after the oil was run in the golden city of the UAE. Then it was Sheikh Muhammad who turned this desert island into the global city of the world.

5. The Sexual Activity in Public is Illegal in the Whole UAE:
According to the sources, the man and women are not allowed to share the same hotel room, if they are not married. But the law is valid for closing family members or brothers and sisters. When you travel to Dubai with your partner, it does not matter what is your relation is. You are supposed to make sure that everyone thinks you and your partner.
Moreover, since it is one of the Muslim country giving hugs and kisses in Public are strictly prohibited in the UAE. Unless you are a married couple or brothers and sisters then it is ok.