All About Porting the Business Phone Number

Every VoIP or PBX provider in the market can potentially port the numbers. However, the process becomes quite tedious as the price and time are required to complete the entire exchange of new and old providers.

Firstly let us understand the types of phone numbers –

Ported numbers

The number that you bring to the provider to port is called the ported number. The number is your property and can be ported with the help of a new provider.

Assigned numbers

Once you buy the phone number from your provider, that is considered and your property and cannot be retained by anybody including your provider. Suppose, even if you cancel the contract, the providers do not want you to release the number.

Toll-free Numbers

In the United States of America, the management of toll-free numbers is done by the Responsible Organization called as RespOrg.

All these services are provided by the telecom companies who provide different services to the businesses who need their help, like ringcentral vs other many companies. So one can look for their services and understand what they have to do. Even the company will ask you what your needs for your business and what is the level of your business. Regarding that, they will offer you the services and packages, which will be within your budget and you can afford to buy the package and use it in your business.

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Points to remember before porting a number

You can conduct the number porting between the regular and VoIP providers with ease because of the partnership between FCC and CRTC. Here are some points that you need to consider regardless of the provider you have.

Never terminate your service before the completion of the porting process. If you cancel early, the number gets returned to a pool of unassigned numbers with your existing provider. Then it becomes almost impossible to transfer the number immediately between the providers. Take special care of the duplicate numbers, as they are not allowed. If your account is active with both the providers during the transfer process, a lot of disruption is created with the national routing systems and 911 services.

As the transferring process takes some time, many companies will assign you a temporary number. In the meantime, you can use this number till you get a new one. You may not have to pay the regulatory agencies to transfer the number, but old and new providers do charge some fees so that they can cover the administrative costs. It also happens that some companies might waive the fee will some won’t charge a single penny to port the number.

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The balance owed by you with the old provider will not affect your eligibility for porting the number. Make the settlement as early as possible. You should be patient with the process as the porting period can vary. Some simple ports only take one day while some can take as long as three weeks.