A Seamless Viewing Experience and Creatively Monetize Your Content with Dynamic Ad Insertion

In recent times, the Television broadcasting and advertising industry has undergone rapid advancements. With the introduction of OTT platforms, viewers and their new habits are constantly evolving. The media and entertainment vertical has seen an enormous shift with the digitally innovative developments. One of the ways in which you can monetize the content you have created, is by Dynamic Ad Insertion. It helps broadcasters and publishers earn more revenue for their video inventory by delivering a unified and personalized viewer experience. Dynamic Ad Insertion linear TV takes advantage of advanced monetization software and machine learning to maximize your revenue across devices, for live and on-demand content.

Amagi has launched innovative technologies to have a positive impact on the digital entertainment industry. The main objectives they focus on, in order to improve overall viewer experience are working with broadcasters, content owners, post-cable networks, vMVPD platforms, and advertisers to manage, move and monetize content, and reach audiences regionally and globally.

Monetizing streaming TV

Amagi offers top-notch strategies for monetizing streaming TV with the help of Dynamic Ad Insertion linear TV (DAI) solution for content owners of digital platforms. DAI is a video ad technology that permits serving video ads into live linear streaming and video on demand content. It interweaves your video content and ads into a single stream, independent of a web page or app, and aims at removing the ad request and ad response process.

Dynamic Ad Insertion offers varied benefits like:

● Hassle free Frame-accurate ad insertion – Be it live or library content, you can insert ads on the server-side frame-accurately using standard ad triggers.

● Enjoy the profits of scalable infrastructure – With the use of dynamic ad insertion, you can reduce bottle necks for scaling the ad insertion structure for millions of users to serve the deployed manifest file (playlist).

● Multiple ad network compatibility – There can be multiple ad network compatibility because of the availability of source ads from any ad network supporting VAST 2.0 and above with pre-defined prioritization for better yield management.

● In depth Analytics and reporting – DAI enables real-time analytics on ad impressions, users, sessions, geography and ad network statistics. There is a clear record of all these necessary statistics which help in the smooth workflow.

Linear TV channels distribution

What is Linear TV? Linear TV is the traditional system in which a viewer watches a scheduled TV program at the time it’s broadcast and on its original channel. TV advertising in linear channels has a huge business advantage. It can drive market share and provide scale and heightened reach.

For any content to be monetized and benefitted from, it essentially requires high quality live content which is accompanied by ad files, graphics, and schedules in multiple formats using automated workflows. Thematic channels or pop-up channels should be easily available which enables managing playlists, defining schedules, and adding graphics.

Therefore, Amagi simplifies linear OTT channel creation by combining all aspects of the broadcast workflow onto a sophisticated yet easy-to-use web user interface. With structured metadata creation, program scheduling, rich video graphic effects, your content can be monetized efficiently in order to yield the best profits.