8 Best Hair care tips for Men

Being a man should never really stop you from gaining long and healthy hair. Both men and women have their full rights to look and feel their best. This also hints towards the fact that if you’re a man in 2022 then you mustn’t shy away from taking care of your hair and skin. And if you’re confused about the correct hair care routine for you then don’t worry, we got your back once again.  Here are some super simple and quick hair care tips for men that are easy to follow and keep up with. 

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5 Hair care tips for men

1. Make sure your scalp is clean: 

To keep your hair lively and healthy, you must clean your scalp regularly. If your scalp is healthy then the rest of your hair will automatically be healthy. An unkempt scalp induces disruption in the microbiome balance which is not at all good for your hair. It can increase the growth of bacteria and inflammation in your scalp which in turn hampers your hair. 

But then again, to keep the scalp clean, you can’t really wash it the umpteenth time in a week because that makes the protective oils wear off from your scalp. Wash it regularly but not too much.

Therefore, keeping a clean scalp is something basic but a mandate.

2. Pick the products you use on your hair wisely:

Do not just use any random products on your hair. Detect your hair type first and then pick your hair products accordingly. From your hair spray to your shampoos, everything should be compatible with your hair to get the best results.

3. Start easy and stay consistent:

With both skincare and hair care, the most important thing is to remain consistent. This is no rocket science, you can just start dealing with some particular concern like dandruff first and we promise that this won’t take up much time in your bathroom. Also, one of the key steps in a man’s hair care routine should be grooming. In their case, hair grows in several spaces like nostrils, ears, and at the back of their earlobes at times. So, you should keep it all groomed and also tidy to keep it all chic and classy. This will induce your hair health and add a special touch of nourishment to it. 

4. For the Indian Black Hair:

Indian black hair can be of many different types like curly, wavy, or straight. Each has its own best-suited skincare routines but something that can work on almost all Indian hair types is a leave-in or a rinse-off hair conditioner. It adds nourishment to your hair in these tropical weather conditions and keeps it healthy. Also, it’s best to apply shampoo to your hair at least twice a week. If you have tight curls, then this is the best routine for your hair. If you like to keep your hair short and simple, then make sure that you go get a trim 

Every three weeks. This helps you to look groomed and absolutely dapper. And if you’re into longer hair then you use products that have shea butter and avocado oil in them to provide your hair with the right amount of nourishment and moisture to your hair. 

5. Long Hair care tips routine: 

If you love your long and flowy hair then let us tell you that it’s quite a tough job to maintain them but let us help you in this  mission a bit. If you don’t wanna chop off your hair straight, then go for a trim at least after regular intervals. This helps in avoiding split ends which is the biggest enemy on your way to achieve long and healthy hair. Shape your hair and let them grow faster but organically. 

Also, one thing that you must keep in mind when dealing with long hair, avoid using styling tools as much as possible. Instead of blow-drying your hair, go for air drying. That’s much healthier and easier for your hair anyway. 

Use products that add nourishment to your hair and keep it away from drying. 

6. For Grey hair : 

Grey hair is something that is absolutely inevitable but if you cannot deal with it then there’s always a way out. Nowadays, people’s hair starts greying even before they turn fifty but you can delay it a little bit by taking good care of your hair. Whether you decide to embrace the gray or ditch it, there’s no shame in either. If going the dyeing route, experts say that your best course of action is to use a color that blends with gray. if you wanna do this in the safest way possible, without damaging your hair at the slightest, then go for the Godrej Hair Color Shampoo undoubtedly. It’s ammonia-free and is also available at a very affordable price in the market in a wide range of colors. Grab your pack as soon as possible and fall in love with your new self all over again.

7. For Curly hair care tips:

Maintaining your curls is one heck of a task. You cannot help but face issues like hair breakage, dry hair, and frizz on a daily basis. Therefore, experts suggest looking for products that promise to take care of your special hair texture. Also, do ensure that your hair gets the right amount of nourishment in the form of regular conditioning. Curly hair tends to get dry since the curls make it difficult for natural oils to reach the ends of the hair.

8. For a dry scalp: 

A dry scalp is that culprit which can ruin the entire vibe of your hair. You need to be on the lookout always to avoid a situation like this. It can be caused due to many things like drinking less water or some skin disease. But here’s the catch, if you sense dryness in your scalp then you must try and fix it immediately. Take up products that have things like tea-tree oil, aloe vera oil, and coconut oil-infused in them which will help in bringing back the lost moisture in your scalp. This will help further in maintaining your hair health. 

These are some of the easiest and the smoothest hair care tips for men out there. Hope you like them and get to introduce them seamlessly in your everyday routine. Thanks for reading!