7 Ways to Make long Distance Raksha Bandhan Memorable

The auspicious festival of raksha bandhan depicts beautiful and undying sibling bond where sisters pray for the success and prosperity of their brothers, while brothers take a vow to protect their sisters. Every household in India is a witness to this ceremony celebrated by sisters and brothers. But then there comes a time, that inevitable moment when you both have to move on in life that demands the dreaded ‘long distance relationship’ with your sibling. While the lockdown has forced all of us to stay indoors, it will not in any way hamper our enthusiasm and festivities. We can still have a blast spreading happiness, love and blessings while staying safe indoors.

In this article, we will share some ways to make your long distance Raksha Bandhan celebration a memorable one.

A Heart Touching Voice Message

Long-distance relationships with siblings are painful, especially when we spent a lot of time with them as children. Since they are not physically present, it is difficult to pour one’s heart in front of them. This Raksha Bandhan, make him feel special early in the morning with a heartfelt voice message to make his day full of love. Let them know that they are valued and appreciated every single day, regardless of distance.

Post a handmade Rakhi! 

Nothing is more important than personalized gifts. And hand made rakhi will surely bring a smile on your brother’s face. A lot of DIY ideas can be obtained from the internet. You can also stick your favorite picture on the Rakhi for that extra wonderful feel. Nothing can make him more special than this thoughtful gesture.

Book an Online Guitarist

To make your sibling feel special, you can book a guitarist to play their favorite tune on a conference call. Various online websites provide this service, or you can also take the help of your friend who knows how to play guitar for this. The melodious tunes they will play will melt your brother and sister’s heart and make them dance with joy and happiness. This is the best way to celebrate this lovely festival in case of long distance. This sweet gesture will play a symphony in their heart and let them know how much you are missing them.

Send gifts

To keep the joy and enthusiasm alive in the heart on this festival day, you can send rakhi online to usa from India or wherever they reside to let them know you are thinking of them. A lot of online portals provide home delivery of gifts, so you can choose a perfect Raksha Bandhan gift from them for your sibling and get them delivered at their place. This is the best way to let them know that distance cannot diminish your love for them.

A Surprise visit

It might be a bit difficult due to the covid situation in india. If the flights are on and you are vaccinated then you can plan a surprise visit to see your sibling. You can take along with you a Rakhi Puja thali and of course the Rakhi that you have been searching for months. Trust us, he will be surprised to see you as he will be missing to celebrate the occasion with you.

A Heartfelt social media post

Come up with a thoughtful and heartwarming social media post on Instagram or Facebook with some lovely pictures and memories of the two of you! Nothing will make your sibling wake up in the morning or come across this bundle of joy more than just checking his feed! A big surprise indeed!

Handwritten Message

Write something for your brother. Straight from the heart. It does not have any message. Something you wish you had told him. Something they should know. Tell them how much you care. No rhymes or fancy couplets required (write anything that comes from the heart). All you need is your sincere feelings and love for your sibling!

Distance means so little between siblings that share an unbreakable bond. So do not let the distance hinder the larger than life Raksha Bandhan celebrations. Keep the Bandhan close and celebrate it with the same enthusiasm and fervor, no matter what the distance. Happy Raksha Bandhan!