6 Signs of Good Firewood to Keep in Mind When Buying

What kind of firewood do you need to buy for the fireplace so that there is no burning, smoke and unpleasant smell? The answer lies in the properties of wood and the quality of its storage. This choice of  Bulk firewood for sale or that type of firewood depends on the purpose of their use.  Among the many features, we highlight 7 that will help you choose the bulk firewood for sale near me

  • Deciduous firewood

There are many varieties of firewood, but hardwood was and still is the most suitable for a fireplace. First of all, these are birch , oak , alder and aspen . Their main advantage is that they produce heat without soot, sparks and crackles. Aspen firewood , for example, is used specifically to clean the chimney. Softwood firewood smells good, but due to the presence of a large amount of resin, it leaves a lot of soot. And if you have a fireplace with a glass door, it will quickly turn black when using coniferous wood.

  • Calorific value above 1500 kWh / m³

Each type of wood has its own calorific value. We mentioned above that the ideal firewood for a fireplace is deciduous wood . Now let’s look at their calorific value.

Oak firewood 

In terms of calorific value, the absolute leader is the oak tree. 

  • Oak holds heat for a long time.
  • Oak does not leave soot. 
  • Oak firewood is more expensive than others, but it takes less of it to generate the same amount of heat and burns longer. Therefore, if you compare the price and efficiency with other firewood, then it will work out. 

Birch firewood 

In second place in terms of calorific value, but in first place in popularity is birch firewood. Birch burns hot and without soot, but leaves more ash. Birch firewood is cheaper than oak firewood, it flares up more easily and burns out faster. Birch firewood burns longer than other types of wood, with the exception of oak. Hence their value for a fireplace: good gift, long burning, lower cost. 

Aspen firewood 

The third place in terms of calorific value is taken by aspen firewood. Despite the fact that aspen firewood does not burn as hot and long as oak or birch wood, this does not detract from their value. Aspen wood burns quickly and produces a high red-blue flame. No soot or smoke, just a clean flame. Therefore, aspen wood is used to clean the chimney from soot after using, for example, coniferous wood. In addition, the beautiful flame of aspen wood will give aesthetic pleasure to lovers of open fire. 

  • Low humidity

The hedgehog understands that raw firewood does not burn, and if it does, it smokes. The optimal indicator of wood moisture content for the fireplace is 15-20%. Damp wood can also be used for heating, especially if the logs are small. But, while they dry out and give a flame, they will smoke. If your deadlifts are good, this is not a problem. If the cravings are not very good, it’s a problem. To guarantee 100% smoke-free due to moisture in the wood, buy oven-dried wood. Another option is to use kiln-dried wood for kindling and generating a lot of heat, and then throw more damp wood. So they will quickly dry out and begin to burn.

  • Type of drying: chamber 

There are 2 types of drying: natural drying and chamber drying. For a fireplace, oven-dried firewood is ideal. Naturally dry for your wallet. The point is this: the less moisture, the less smoke. Therefore, it is for the fireplace that oven-dried firewood is ideal. They contain the least moisture: 10-15%. To win money, use the recommendation from the previous paragraph.

  • Terms and conditions of storage: golden mean

The firewood is spoiled like any natural product. The worse the storage conditions, the faster they deteriorate. The better the storage conditions, the longer they are stored, retaining their properties. The main enemy of firewood is dampness and the main friend is dryness. Freshly felled wood should lie down to dry out. So, if you’re bulk redgum firewood for sale it is best suited to store at a place which has already lain a little in a dry room. But not too long.

  • Optimal log size

Find the best bulk firewood for sale in NSW to buy optimal size of firewood, which is suitable for most fireplaces. This is the standard size, which is 35 – 40cm. Firewood of this size is convenient to store, carry, stack and light up. They light up well and do not smoke, unlike too large logs. Firewood of this size can be fired even raw. They will dry out quickly and give a good flame.