Marriages are the topmost fests of love, fineness and cornucopia. Everything about a marriage, starting from the theme, is of great significance to making the day memorable. Incontrovertibly, the centermost magnet of every marriage is the gorgeous bridegroom.

All eyes are on her and her dateless beauty as she walks down the aisle adorned in the finest of clothes and anjali jewellery. However, preparing to tie the eternal knot with the love of your life, then’s a list of essential jewellery that will make you look stunning and ethereal on your big day, If you’re a bridegroom-to- be.

1. Maang Tikka No bridegroom is complete without a Maang Tikka that adorns her forepart. Maang tikkas are worn at the parting of your hair and have an old world charm that will take you back in time. Maang tikkas come in numerous forms and designs; you can elect one by keeping in mind the nature of your forepart and the look youseek.However, a heavier tikka will look stunning, If you have a broadforehead.However, a lighter maang tikka will look graceful and elegant, If your forepart is lower than average. Maang tikkas generally come designed to round the rest of your jewellery. An upgrade to Maang Tikka would be the Matha Patti, which comes with stretched chains on both sides. Matha patti is designed to radiate kingliness and is without mistrustfulness must- have jewellery on your marriage day.

2. Choker Another necessary jewellery for the Indian bridegroom is the choker. A well- drafted and exquisite traditional choker works prodigies on your appearance. A choker not only dazzles on your neck but also accentuates your overall beauty. There are numerous types of chokers to choose from, depending on your taste in jewellery and the overall theme of your vesture. These may range from bib chokers, the jadavi lacha ( deduced from the Nizams of Hyderabad), mango haaram, addigai etc. These kinds add a gusto of heaviness to your overall air, so don’t forget to add them to your must- have jewellery list.

3. Rani Haar Rani haar, as the name suggests, is a neckpiece for the queens. Raani haars are long, majestic neckpieces that turn eyes and heads likewise. As opposed to a choker, a raani haar is significantly longer and regal, having colorful layers and a pendant. Raani haars are frequently speckled with rubies, emeralds or indeed diamonds and plums and are irresistibly gorgeous and have a royal touch to them. Raani haar is a bold and standalone piece of jewellery, and no Indian bridegroom should miss a chance to slip this regal chain of perfection on her big day.

4. Earrings When you slip a gorgeous choker or a regal raani haar, it’s essential that you don’t let the cognizance go bare. Your earring should round the choker and other jewellery, but need not inescapably be heavy or pooching. An earring is commodity you have to wear throughout the day, so it’s important that you choose it to be light enough so that you can wear it for dragged ages. Having decided your comfort position, you can experiment with the designs. An exquisite earring is a must have for every bridegroom, and remember, no matter how small a part you suppose it plays, your earrings will really be noticed.

5. Lavalieres Lavalieres need no memorial to be included in any list. Indian misters are known for their choicest, richest ethnical lavalieres. Any traditional bridegroom is a vision in these chinking, dazing drafted jewellery adorning her arms. There’s no dearth of fantastic lavaliere designs in India. Be it the chooda or polki lavalieres from the north or the traditional Kerala kappu, you have a plethora of designs to choose from. Being the traditional Indian bridegroom, you can indeed go ahead and make a statement by wearing the hanging kaleere lavalieres.

6. Kamarbandh or band Obis are the most sensuous pieces of marriage flower jewellery. They can be concentrated or thin, speckled or rounded, and can be of varying lengths and designs. They encircle the midriff and punctuate your vesture and midriff likewise. There’s no jewellery more alluring than a gorgeous kamarbandh as it goes well with sarees and lehengas and beautifies your torso.