5 things to know before installing modular kitchen

It is great to have modular kitchen setup as they are designed to save space and look aesthetically appealing. It consists of wall mounted cabinets for storage and units below the counter. If you are getting a modular kitchen for the first time, you should get in touch with the modular kitchen manufacturers in Noida. You might think that this is just about seeing the pieces and selecting the best one but it is way more than that. Let us tell you how!

1. Choose the position strategically
Know where you want to place what. Do you want the fridge to be placed on the right or left side? Which corner? Where would you like to have the sink? On the same counter as the cook and appliances top or separate? Ideally, sink and refrigerator should be kept at a distance of 4-9 feet from each other and never more than that. It is easy to set it like so when you have a U shaped or L shaped kitchen design.


  1. The L-shape triangle
    this is the most common shape for kitchen setup after parallel kitchen design. The reason we keep this first is because golden triangle for kitchen primary thing’s placement can be achieved easily. Cooktop can be placed on one long hand of the L and fridge on the save wall other corner. The sink can be made at the end of another L leg. This way all three would be adjacent to each other. You can also use the space considerably by putting one or two chairs to have a good morning tea in the morning as you make the breakfast.

    3. Select the Materials

The materials you select will impact the way your kitchen looks and so you must start working on selecting what you want the finish to look like, would it have the wood effect, will it be premium acrylic or any other. You should go for marble if that falls in your budget or select something that would be able to sustain the turmeric stains and grease. If you choose glass and wood, it would be easy on pocket, looking good and easy to maintain as well.


4. Classify to make it simple

In the modular kitchen everything you keep in kitchen has got a specific place of its own, even the spoons. So, this is very easy to maintain and organize. Plan it with your modular kitchen manufacturers in Noida so that they and you both know what all things you have and how you would like to arrange and designate the space for each one of them. This will also help you decide on how many open shelves, closed, mounted cabinets and units below the countertop you would need and of how much size.

  1. Take special care of ventilation
    It is important to ensure that the modular kitchen is ventilated well. Ensure there are enough windows and exhaust fan or chimney especially if you do not have a balcony side kitchen like in apartments in urban places.

We hope you found the article helpful. Let us know your take in the comments!