5 Cheapest Lab Grown Diamond Jewellery ideas for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving isn’t exactly a gift-giving festival, but it definitely is one that brings the entire family together. If you are away from your family for Thanksgiving then sending gifts is a wonderful way of letting them know that you miss them and wish you were with them. Diamonds make a wonderful choice for gifts, but if you want budget-friendly ideas, we have a few right here including lab grown diamond jewellery.

1. Bracelets
Bracelets are the most common Thanksgiving gift. They can be given by anyone to anyone without any specific sentiment being attached to them. You can get customised bracelets made with lab grown diamonds. The design will determine the price based on the metal you choose and the number of diamonds you wish to be encrusted upon the bracelet. There are many ready-made designs available at the jeweller’s if custom-made isn’t your thing.

2. Necklace
We aren’t talking here about a bulky, thick necklace. A delicate chain with a small pendant makes it the perfect gift for your loved one on Thanksgiving. The necklaces are easy on the pocket and look very pretty too. They are good for casual occasions, making them the right choice for Thanksgiving, when the gifts need not be too formal or professional. There are many varieties in delicate necklaces in the market. The ones with diamonds on them are quite popular among women.

3. Solitaire ring
You can get budget-friendly diamond rings if you look around well enough. But you might want to think a little before gifting it to a lady. A solitaire ring gives a different impression depending on who you are gifting it to. If the gift is for your mother or grandmother, then a beautiful solitaire, lab grown diamond will definitely appreciated. For sisters or other closer friends, infinity rings work well too. They are cheaper than solitaires and make a wonderful gift that can be worn every day or for casual occasions. Lab grown diamond engagement rings are popular and available at discounts during the season.

4. Pendant
The latest trend in the market is DIY pendants. You get ready-made kits with supplies to make a pendant yourself. They also come with a variety of chains to put the pendant into. Handmade gifts are always well-appreciated as they have your personal touch and love into them. To make it precious and prettier, you could always add sparkle. Use lab grown diamonds in your pendant making kit to make it a stunning piece for the neck. The lady you’ll be gifting it to will be mind-blown and ecstatic, that we can guarantee.

5. Hair jewellery
These might come under the category of accessories, but if they got diamonds on them, we’re still going to call it jewellery. You can either buy or make them yourself. If the gift is for a little princess, a diamond tiara would be absolutely gorgeous to adorn the crowning glory of your girl. You could also go for a beautiful barrette and embellish it yourself with little studs of lab grown diamonds to give it a shiny, sparkly look. This makes for an adult gift, probably for your wife, mother or grandmother; someone you with gorgeous hair.

Although traditionally gifts aren’t exchanged for Thanksgiving, since the entire family gets together for the holiday, giving gifts could just add on to the love already shown in their presence. Try these out for the next holiday with your family and put a smile on those faces. You could also take this amazing opportunity to pop the question so check out engagement ring London to make the family holiday memorable for the rest of your lives.