10 Proposal Software You Must Try Out

Proposal management software is an application that assists with writing, managing, and sending business proposals. It empowers your sales and implementation. Proposal management software makes the proposal process more streamlined and efficient. The time to create and deliver customized proposals is reduced. It acts as a content collaboration tool for teams like marketing, sales, and project delivery to communicate effectively. The feature of access control allows you to assign permissions to every user based on their profile. It helps in document and content management and a central library with data and templates makes writing and responding to a proposal simple, yet maintain professionalism. 

10 proposal Software you must try out

  1. PandaDoc: PandaDoc provides an all-in-one document workflow automation platform that helps fast scaling teams accelerate the ability to create and manage. It has user-friendly features using which one can create new documents and redesign existing files within minutes. It assists to automate the end-to-end process of proposals, customer contracts, and numerous other documents requiring an electronic signature. By streamlining the proposal process, one can keep a tab on the time taken by your customer for viewing your proposal. It also maintains an elaborate collection of proposal templates in its content library. It has a feature for document collaboration for the entire team, empowering the team to take collective decisions.

  2. Proposify: It helps in building a scalable and predictable completion process taking into account the brand, content involved, and the deal in place. The features include a design editor, CRM integrations, insights-driven by data, interactive pricing, electronic signatures, and management of content.

  3. RFPIO: It is one of the Qvidian alternatives. The unique proposition in RFPIO is that it is the only RFP solution in the market, using which the user can format or import questionnaires, after which they can be exported back to the source file. Acuity Knowledge Partners uses RFPIO software to give its customers the best RFP solutions. RFPIO features include an intuitive interface that is friendly for users.

  4. Loopio: Another one of Qvidian alternatives, Loopio organizes all the information related to the request, contents, and documents in secure content libraries. It assigns tags to data for consolidating the preparation and response delivery. The execution of RFP tasks is automated and it keeps the contents accurate and updated. Acuity Knowledge Partners use this tool to help customers with their proposal process. With the expertise of Acuity Knowledge Partners and the features of Loopio, the customers are assured of a well-developed solution.

  5. RocketDock: Its response management and sales solutions use an integrated content hub to help in empowering efficiency. They have an expertise of 25 years in the response management industry.

  6. Better Proposals: They use intelligent templating and tags with all formatting and designs automated. The format is perfectly designed with instant alerts. Customers can view and sign proposals online and also make instant payments online.

  7. Prospero: They give the customer flexibility and easily implement detailed reports and forecasts. They have reusable templates that save time and help in creating professional proposals with ease.

  8. QuoteWerks: It is sales quote and proposal software using which the customer can create PDF proposals that are interactive using templates. They seamlessly integrate with any CRM tool. They provide more than 55 integrations with other tools.

  9. Jotform: Proposal submissions can be easily converted into PDFs that are customizable and easy to personalize. They provide consulting proposal templates with form fields for institution and client details, project details, institution background, objective, the scope of the project, start and completion date, consulting price, payment conditions, and signatures.

  10. HoneyBook: It is a proposal tool that brings contracts, payment, and invoicing together. Your clients will enjoy a more seamless, professional proposal experience, and which could lead to more closed deals. 

How to pick the one you need?

The best proposal software depends on the customer’s needs. The company needs to evaluate if they are looking to just streamline their sales process or they need complex solutions like CRM integrations. It is imperative to compare the pricing, features, convenience, and affordability while choosing. Partnering with Acuity Knowledge Partners will be a boost to your business. We have state-of-the-art technology and a specialized talent pool at our disposal to help you with your proposal. We know the right proposal software to match your requirements and will make the process extremely easy. With Acuity Knowledge Partner’s unique combination of the three-way approach of process, people, and technology, clients are offered a true “plug-and-play” service with quicker results.